We’ll help build a better you.

At DFINE FIT, we’ll make reaching your fitness goals fun and easy. With personalized work out routines, nutrition, and coaching, we’ll find the right combination that works for you.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or if you’ve been weight lifting for 30 years, we’ll find a fun way for you to incorporate exercise into your life. With just 30 minutes, you’ll leave feeling better and stronger.

Personal Training

Workouts are tailored to focus on your needs and fitness goals, with specialized Legend Fitness equipment, nutrition coaching, and customized routines, your workouts will be injury-free. Two half hour sessions a week can change your life.

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Each DFINE FIT session takes theories and moves from pilates, yoga, cardio, and plyometrics and combines them with resistance and weight training to make each workout effective and fun.

Her customized programs are easy, fun and focus on refining you. As a result, many seek after her programs and coaching. Learn more about nutrition at DFINE FIT.

Nutrition and Health Coaching

If you want to perform well, it is necessary to nourish it with optimal nutrients. The foods you choose on a daily basis can either work for you or against you. Our resident Registered and Licensed Dietitian, who has over 20 years experience, can assist clients in achieving long term, lifestyle goals.

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Stretch & Massage Gun Therapy

Stretch/Muscle Massage Gun sessions available by appointment.

We have our own private stretch studio that is the perfect space to unwind yet get results...

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Stretch and Percussion vibration massage uses unique stimulation, assisted by the Hypervolt. Helps you recover and relax from your toughest workout. Gain strength, build more muscle and transform the way your body looks and feels. It can help to correct posture, tone, and elongate the body – especially your core.
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